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The United Church of Christ Financial Ministries help to protect & grow churches.

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The United Church of Christ Church Building & Loan Fund


The UCC Church Building & Loan Fund (CB&LF) assists new and renewing United Church of Christ congregations and other Christian congregations regardless of sect or denominational affiliation, that are planning to buy a first church building or land site, or who want to construct, renovate or develop a church building, school, parsonage or other church-owned real property that advances the mission of the Church.

CB&LF works exclusively with churches and church organizations that own or are seeking to own real property with the intention that through worship, service or other community enhancing, people-edifying and God-glorifying activity or use, the property will be dedicated to the advancement of the mission of Jesus Christ, explicitly and implicitly described in the New Testament as the Gospel.

God is still building, and we’re here to help.



(866) 822-8224, ext. 3834






The United Church of Christ Cornerstone Fund

INVEST from the heart. BUILD FOR the future.

Since 1993, the United Church of Christ Cornerstone Fund has supported more than 625 local UCC congregations and other affiliated ministries and organizations with low-cost loans—totaling more than $200 million in support for church building purchases and construction; building renovations to improve accessibility or to reduce energy usage; enhanced community impact through affordable housing and/or multi-use proper development, among others.

In order to support its mission, the Cornerstone Fund offers competitive investment products for both individuals and organizations, including flexible demand note accounts, term notes, IRAs, and ESAs, as applicable.



(888) 822-3863






United Church Funds

professionally managed, diversified & socially responsible investment funds to churches & faith-based organizations

Established in 1909, United Church Funds (UCF) offers a family of 13 professionally managed, well-diversified and socially responsible investment funds to over 1,000 churches, conferences, associations and other ministries of the United Church of Christ. At present, UCF manages over $800 million in assets — from small church reserve accounts to some of the denomination’s historic endowments.

Investors in UCF’s funds benefit from a range of advantages, including —

  • Thirteen funds offering broad diversification to minimize risk
  • Lower fees for active management by top managers using a range of styles
  • A socially responsible portfolio and active shareholder engagement
  • Continuous evaluation of manager performance to strengthen returns
  • A not-for-profit structure that reduces costs

Investing with United Church Funds, churches and other UCC ministries enjoy the best practices of modern portfolio management while remaining faithful to the values of the United Church of Christ. We seek solid investment performance with a purpose: to make more money available for your ministry.



(877) 806-4989





The Insurance Board


The Insurance Board administers a property and liability insurance program serving churches and related entities within four denominations: United Church of Christ, the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Presbyterian Church (USA) and Alliance of Baptists.

We write property and liability coverage in all 50 states utilizing an independent distribution system that is conducive to our mission: to support and protect churches and church ministries by offering superior property and casualty risk and insurance management services. More than 4,000 churches participate in the program, insuring more than $14 billion dollars in property value. 



(800) 437-8830